Emrei's Biography

The band Emrei’s was formed in 2024 and represents a musical project that carries the rich heritage and artistic passion of three original members from the band Wishmasters. These musicians had been creating their own music since 2014 in their previous project, and in 2023, they decided to reunite and embark on a new musical journey.

Emrei’s operates within the genre of symphonic metal, characterized by epic orchestral arrangements, powerful guitar riffs, and emotive vocals. Two of the founding members, keyboardist Pepa Hübner and guitarist Petr Kořínek, are also accomplished composers. Their ability to craft captivating melodies and lyrics is a key element of Emrei’s sound.

The third founding member is Czech-Italian Shirley Tracanna, whose voice adds an emotive and powerful element to Emrei’s music. Her interpretation of the lyrics adds depth and passion to the music.

Joining this talented trio is the fourth member, bassist Michal Mach, who newly complements Emrei’s and enhances their sound with his bass-playing skills.
The name „Emrei’s“ is derived from a song by the band Wishmasters called „City Of Emrei,“ which not only pays homage to the original band but also signifies continuity in their creative work. Emrei’s aims to continue the musical legacy of their previous band and further develop it.

In 2024, fans can expect the release of reissues of the band’s previous albums, as well as several new singles that will enrich their repertoire and advance the musical work of Emrei’s even further. With passion and determination, Emrei’s are gearing up to continue creating music that resonates with and inspires listeners worldwide.


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